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Mistress of the Black Hart by MisticUnicorn Mistress of the Black Hart by MisticUnicorn
©2004 Sarah B. Seiter - Do not use without permission

She crouched low to touch the cool earth with her fingertips. A few soft words broke the stillness and the magic passed down from her ancestors flowed into the mossy ground. A circle of mushrooms grew before her eyes, glowing with a pale light. “Spirit of the Woods, I summon you,” she whispered into the silvery wisps of mist as they flowed from the glowing circle up into the night. In the distance the Black Hart lifted his head and sniffed the night air, “I come…”
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Hettar7 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2005
i really like the dual meaning of the title, or potential dual meaning i suppose between hart and "heart". her pose is really interesting. crouched so low she looks ready to jump up and take flight at any moment. her face looks so stern and forbidding. that's heightened by the stag antlers on her head. really nice pencil work here. deffinetly glad i saw it. one thing i notice though is that her hand on the ground kind of blends in with the cloth a little too much, i had to look again to distinguish them.
silwena Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2004
Yes.. great.
Key-FeathersMLP Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2004
amazing work hin ^^ the pose is very very lovely as is the shadeing and fine detail :)
mike-the-vile Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
Your pencilwork is amazingly clean and beautiful. All the details are gorgeous. I love how you give textures to every surface and the sky is clearly different in technique from the woods, the woods from the leaves, the leaves from the clothing. For some the textures are the same, but here everything has its own. :)
Orena Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
This is beautiful, I really like the shading.
moonduster Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
WOW!!! The detail in this is incredible! Absolutely beautiful drawing! :clap:
spectatrix Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004
Very well drawn and brilliant shading, the mood feels just right. :+fav:
CaroleHumphreys Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
I love the attitude she conveys. The stripey tights seal it for me - it's a brilliant piece.
Zerinia Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It's so soft and beautiful. I love how the bakground is so visible and intricate but not overwhelming. And the woman is just fantastic from her expression to her possition to her clothes.
Brainforge Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004
That must be really difficult doing the hole thing pencil... when I try I always smudge the damn thing to hell! Really good pic!
SuperJade Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004   Photographer
OMG! That is sooooo good. Excellent!
GameS-ForeveR Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2004
So extremely beautiful!
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August 12, 2004
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